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Once upon a time, a big semicolon was going to a bar in Timbuktu, where it saw a large wookie, who then jumped up and killed it, but spoke perfect English, when it wasn't going to see the beautiful beach in name brand Microsoft products, and a sexy chick who killed herself because of her fat yellow floor. My friends of the street used to say absolutely stupid stuff like, "Wassup Oink?" But forget that, it turned out that he was obsessed with Linux, but hated the horrible Microsoft company, which never ever had good products and even worse, created an excessively weird banging sound, which drove people toward Linux, and large slices of pizza that were very good until the pain started in Internet Explorer, which was worse than a big, blue virus, which was eating my hard drive. Fortunately for me, I ran away and found a new OS Called Windows XP, which reincarnated a Big Fat Penguin.

I am god, of nothing although jelly bean castles taste like chicken. My Hot Friend is an absolute city taxi driver that just doesn't like potato salad, so he chmod'ed an african ghetto, which decided to drop a tree on a fat Microsoft operating system called Windows XP which is extinct because it sucked due to the problems in IE like SASSER worms but Windows Vista wouldn't simply work because of its gradually increasing complexity and stupid GUI. But Bill Gates has now decided to destroy the W3C but there were lots of Giant Killer Bunnies attacking the hobo inside the computer, while smelling awful. Then the world decided to expand with McDonald's burgers that were nasty!!

SpongeBob Squarepants decided to eat McDonald's new burger combo and became obese in the thighs while Bill Gates gorged himself on peanut butter & large chocolate shakes and then suddenly the big semicolon got a big free hosting account which had no Fantastico for installing because Kyle had not enough money which meant that you should advertise CWH on your gosh dang site which seems to hard for people with evil strawberries on their website to have the pinned topic beaten. And the moderator then locked it, then commited suicide, which caused us to eat chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Then he she it who what when in the kitchen when Bill Gates he gave me some crap IE but Firefox is the best browser for feeding Netscape. What about AOL, which also sucked like hell. AOHell is also used for fighting chickens and dogs with wet fish that smelled bad and were covered. Dont you weep, why not Jeff, who has a pickle for the big semicolon, who killed a fullstop which was dipped in Sonic games which Slasher loves. Super Sonic Adventure is spiced ham when toasted lemons are going to have a agricultural.

My mom said that I must watch animutations because they are so big and ugly just like the viejo viejo hombre that ate muffins, were they blueberry? "No, wild cherry" said the pumpkin. The pumpkin's foot kicked the ball and smashed an open window and bounced into a destruction derby car controlled by an evil genius called Bill Gates and his imaginary brother. They are going home to kill that stupid old OS called Windows, son of a OS called Win 95 which was extremely powerful, speedy, and completely virus free.

With the addition of a brand new 4059603 inch flatscreen with other optional extras, like fried eggs on toast and electrified monkeys along with the Harry Potter book which never ever was in stores due to it's big lack of blueberry pie and pizza along with a big semicolon that self destructed and re-incarnated as a bomb that set up Computer World Hosting, which is the best host ever because of awesome speed and web savvy and creative admins that loved to help members become IT experts, with evil penguins ready to take action against the spam in posts which annoyed lots of moderators like lavarock09, Slasher and bassweb, but they noticed the server was really fast so went shopping for new software and were attacked by giant apples who were angry with Homer Simpson and Dick Cheney for destroying marshmallows and other stuff. Annoyed, the semicolon which was dead, liked lamingtons so it restored itself to full health. Rotating doors have spikey edges that blow up hedgehogs and rabid wombats who also have all your base which actually belong to Ronald McDonald and his descendants like Peter Pan.

Big fat men use spoons to scoff big amounts of lava rocks which are awesome unless they are related to Kyle because that is supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious-ly crazy, because oversized internet connections kill innocent people due to the semicolon, which was indestructable and awesome. However, it self-destructed, only to be recreated as itself and then destroyed Mr. Choco-bar called 'Smars' who was gooey from all the exploding semicolons. Suddenly, the monkey informed the forum owners of a giant webhost that tried to overthrow CWH.

Got caught by Google while trying to hack Microsoft, but George Bush made love to his secret lover while eating a slice of pizza upside down. Suddenly, the pizza grew into coffee which spat at his lover and challenged him to kiss in his Giant Space Shuttle with giant oysters that eat the spleens of evangelists.

"OMG!" said the peach which lay on the golden Nintendo 64 controller which had an adverseness to being very stylish and full of coconut that a semicolon made when exploding into little pieces.

Kermit the Frog was very hungry and decided to walk the street of NY City while doing the chicken dance and chirping like a chirping jerk named-Kermit the diabetic turtle totally flipped out whilst eating pie and threw up.

CWH decided to give us resellers with TI-84 calculators that rocks hard because of cool people, like lavarock09 and Daniel15. Linux has shoes on, unlike Microsoft, barefooted with a pie under its right arm with a gamma radiation particle stuck to its backside, so when it sat down, it blew up. Linux said to Microjack Windoze eXPee, "Chicken Fried Rice is very crap." Unless, of course, you fried it and wore 49 paper bags with chips that were wrapped in newspaper that was found in wet cement at a building with meat pies which forgot to call back the famous Nintendo plumber! However, that was very stupid as though he had all his base are belong to Linux and the evil Michael Jackson, who molests chickens from Hawaii, with intense satisfaction.

Gigantic ovals have ninety-seven different varieties of Heinz sauce, which appeared to be impossible because Heinz didn't much care about favoursome igloos made in Japan by some other geeza bird. Fifty cheese bombs fell from high above and blew up on the lard-tech, so they shut the door with a slam. But somebody came and trapped their fingers in the rabbit hole and felt a small origami fortune cookie with a blue head that talked and mass murdered hamburgers, especially McDonald's ones that contain no beef, only evil mushroom pieces that taste like cat bottoms, which constantly fart loudly, with no respect for CWH and any intelligent creature who lived thousands of years in a fork factory decided to go and call a dumb spoon creature, which sent molasses quickly sprawling across the kitchen and on to the "metallic clipboard" tile.

When all of a sudden the evil potato king tried to get the little fairy a clamshell for killing the pig with safety scissors because of the bird disease which had killed thousands of n00bs due to the fact that they forgot to request the hot girls from the internet.

Computer Retards with weird pointy things thought they were strangely chicken-like but had actually forgotten their wallets with their medicine. Suddenly, Batman burst into a bubble which caused him to go 'pop' like Hydrogen bonding it loses electrons with turbocharged toasters.

I think Microsoft is a very orangey substance, such that evil turtles like to burn paper for no pie and money yet it's simple and convenient Wolfenstein like sweet taste and buttered cherries all over the place, while I sue Microsoft for copying of mac's nice GUI and screwed it up so it left the town and joined a sexy woman's gym where it then tripped on a sexy woman's leg which was made of all muscle which had brains and a hairy box full of cow dung and pieces of glass with big asses but then the giant semicolon came to CWH from the land of russian MSNs like toasted speaker buttons, however, soon after a floppy drive was replaced with a rechargeable battery that needed re-charging, so Batman decided he must press the evil penguin with furry eyes and a 'Poke Me' sticker above its bellybutton. The evil Bill Gates decided to ruin America with Microsoft Windows.

Blue Bofflemen went to do some shopping at the paperclip shop but it's closed on Sundays which made him mad, so then he picked up a stapler and threw squashed some tomatoes at the huge paperclip's shop manager. Gates waltzed in, as well as the big semicolon. George Bush, and his TV were related to a moronic bee called Humphrey. Just then the evil semicolon DDoSed his grandmother's computer, causing IBM to cry a river. Then he ate he big semicolon who then punched itself out. Whenever it got angry at his mom, he ate cake and threw up all over himself cause he's emo. The next sunny day he ate something he thought was edible. Soon the big semicolon woke up and found out that McDonalds bought Microsoft and now the crazy frog and McDonalds are going to get killed by a British Pop Star who has totally huge Dual Xeon Servers. Why he had it made into a very soft bed for the Computer Hosting Admin.

The cheesy tasting semicolon shorted out and in a large shopping centre which was owned by CWH Networks, he piled up massive amounts of sour Amiga 2000's and CWH Resellers which were very weird because no-one had shoes on. But they did eat a Chompy which was mouldy with green slimy crazy frogs, that were also very intelligent and they memorised 'pi' to eat a bunch of evil lemons that were free of fish oil. Then the frogs ate a cow. Go get some old potato chips. I love you so much that i'm going crazy psychologically insane. Today, however is a time to kill your large intestine with orange, and your kidneys with sulphuric acid.

One silver paperclip fell off the CWH Networks server onto someone's old cheap dedicated server from Layered Technologies which ran Windows 95, which is not meant to run the internet. Soon, the server will explode into a gloopy substance made from electrolyte that will corrode the server rack and all the martians living there would invade and eat George Bush.

Meanwhile, in Australia Sydney was going to host the Olympic games but somebody decided that I was great at my own game of checkers which is so boring I can shit in my yellow polkadot pants which looked extremely sh*tty by now. Then, a small bug appeared on a CWH member who looked like a large GUI using Compiz to compress the new cheese box, full of big crackers_