Web Host Comparisons


FriHost compared to paid hosting

  FriHost OptusNet Hosting
"Host50" package
FX1 Web Hosting
"Office Premium" package
Setup Fee 10 points (forum posting) AU$99.95 £0  
Price per month Free (Forum Posting *) AU$59.95 £129.00  
Space 250MB 50MB 200MB  

Monthly Bandwidth

10,000MB 1,000MB 5,000MB  
Scripting PHP, Perl None PHP, Perl  
Control Panel DirectAdmin Nothing cPanel  
Subdomains Unlimited 0 5  
Email Accounts Unlimited 10 50  
MySQL Databases Unlimited 0 ??  


FriHost compared to other free hosting

  FriHost GeoCities Bravenet ProHost
Ads No Yes Yes ?
Space 250MB 15MB 50MB 100MB

Monthly Bandwidth

10,000MB 3,000MB 1,500MB 1,200
Scripting PHP, Perl None None None
Control Panel DirectAdmin ?? "Easy Builder" ??
Subdomains Unlimited 0 0 0
Email Accounts Unlimited 0 0 0
MySQL Databases Unlimited 0 0 0


* More information about the FriHost Post-for-hosting system can be found in the FriHost FAQ.

** After you go over the OptusNet Hosting Bandwidth limit, excess usage is charged at AU$0.10 per MB!!